Nibl – Packaging Design

Nibl was a brand creation for nuts and seeds supplier Whitworths. They had a revolutionary perforated pouch and the idea to introduce nuts and seeds as an alternative to your meal deal bag of crisps, but they needed a name and brand vehicle to move them there. Nibl was born.

The name arose from the design concept with the corner tree illustration having a little nibble or bite removed. The design was applied across multiple products and marketing material with colour variations applied to differentiate the offerings in the range.


  • Concept and name creation.
  • Application across a product range.
  • Iconography unique to the nibl brand.
  • Shelf ready packaging concepts.
  • Supportive marketing material.


N.B The Nibl project was created at creative agency Ztwo design ltd and was undertaken by us in a Creative director capacity 2012©.


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