London Skyline – Concept Creation

The London tube map skyline was originally created for a Transport for London competition brief. Where we were asked to create a new and alternative skyline for the City of London.

Taking inspiration from the iconic London tube map designed by Harry Beck, the tube line was redrawn to form the instantly recognisable buildings which make London’s skyline so individual. With the recognition created by finishing runner up in the competition the map has since been used in publications of the Observer & Guardian newspapers, Prospect magasine and also in the IBM London office as a backdrop for there video conference room.


  • Concept creation and application.
  • Commissioned variations of the Skyline have been created to tailor the design to the individual briefs.
  • Application of design across various formats and media.


NB. All Intellectual property rights of the London Skyline image are the ownership of Nick Brown 2020©.


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